How to change to ip or url from localhost

Duncan m Posted in Technical Support 12 months ago

my installation just redirects to localhost so it isn't accesible from the outside. is there a way to fix this?

Bhutani Olmack Aposo Replied 4 weeks ago

Hey, can u please tell us how did u fix it

Breton Cleison verão Replied 10 months ago

Depois de instalar e só mudar o "localhost" pelo ip "" do seu server.
No meu caso esse e o endereço

Esse e o caminho que eu instalei.

Dentro do Arquivo mude "$Ossn->url = 'http://localhost/RedeSocialKit/';;"

$Ossn->url = '';
$Ossn->userdata = 'C:/laragon/www/ossn_data/';

us Bansh33 - Replied 12 months ago

guessing it just had to do with port 80 not being publicly accessible...

German Arsalan Shah Replied 12 months ago

Hi, can you mention what was the issue and how you managed to resolve it?

Dutch Duncan m Replied 12 months ago

NVM got it