Want to install wordpress blog inside ossn

akash pandey Posted in Technical Support 4 months ago

I have wordpress blog which I want to include inside ossn site so that my site URL will become, www.xyz.com/blog, is it possible to include WordPress within ossn as I have seen many sites use different technologies for the main site but for the blog they use WordPress and it is always on same domain, not subdomain.

ph Rally Homelancer Replied 3 months ago

In terms of integrating Wordpress inside of OSSN, OSSN currently has no feature for that.

However, you can install Wordpress on a subfolder like www.xyz.com/blog and acts just as a regular Wordpress site would. Or even as blog.xyz.com while your main OSSN site is running at www.xyz.com

You can have a Wordpress theme designed to look like your main OSSN site so that whem users click/visit your www.xyz.com/blog, they would feel like they are still on your OSSN site.

Or you can also do the other way around as Wordpress being your main site at www.xyz.com and OSSN as www.xyz.com/community as your community/members site.

Both OSSN and Wordpress installations will operate on a separate databases. However with special plugins or programming you can synch your OSSN users to your Wordpress users and vice versa. You can even show Wordpress posts on your OSSN, and OSSN posts to your Wordpress site. It all depends on how good your programmer is.

us Bansh33 - Replied 3 months ago

haven't used wordpress, but this seems to describe most everything you need to do: https://wpbrigade.com/integrate-a-wordpress-blog-in-your-existing-website/

German Arsalan Shah Replied 4 months ago

OSSN and wordpress is both different tools, you can embed wordpress in OSSN by iframe or any other means of iframe.