Replicating "Thumbs Up" function from Facebook Messenger/Chat

bansh33 - Posted in Component Development 7 months ago

Facebook Messenger/Chat has a feature which allows a user to hold down a "thumbs up" icon, where the icon grows as it is held down. Once it reaches a certain size, it automatically resets itself. This includes a sound effect and shaking effect. I have re-created this functionality to work in OSSN, both via the messages page and via the chat windows. It's hard to tell from this animated gif demo, but the sounds and shaking effect have been incorporated as well. If you're interested in adding this feature to your site, you can send me an email (in my profile).

Here's an animated gif demo which shows the feature working first from the messages page, and then via a chat window.

Thumbs Up Demo

us Bansh33 - Replied 7 months ago

If you would like to see a demo with sound, or a demo of any other features shown (I've made a lot of additions to the messaging/chat within ossn so you may notice some non-standard stuff like read receipts, fwd message, insert media, group chat, etc) please send me an email (contact info in my profile) and I'll be happy show you any of the aforementioned stuff.