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Zaahir Barron Posted in General Discussion 5 months ago

Hi guys.......awesome work.......I hope i am not duplicating, if i am apologies! I am new here trying to find my way. How do i search the existing discussions other than going through them one by one?

I would like to search topics such as how an administrator can access posts by any user...should anyone post anything offensive then the administrator can remove the content. and on groups, how the administrator can see what groups were created on the website, by who and the participants of the groups?

Thanking everyone in advance

Zuang Zaahir Barron Replied 5 months ago

appreciated! I agree (lol) - that search isn't very visible, but i found it thanks....Let me see if i can come up with something....

us Bansh33 - Replied 5 months ago

you'd have to create custom components to do both of those things (show all user posts to admin, show group info/users to admin).

you could also see this info by looking directly at your database (via phpMyAdmin perhaps), but Arsalan doesn't like me suggesting that ;) (if you do decide to do that, you should backup your entire ossn database first)

German Arsalan Shah Replied 5 months ago

The search is indeed not very visible, it is in bottom right corner of page.