OSSN page on my HostGator account not fully rendering

Victor Hingsberg Posted in General Discussion 6 months ago

Hi. For some reason my OSSN isn't working on my HostGator server. It's not fully rendering the graphic portion of the website. My web developer says the problem is on their end. HostGator says they can't tell what the problem could be until tell she tells them what she thinks the problem is.

Here's the webpage in question:


Any help will be greatly appreciated as I'm at my wits end with this whole mess.

Catalan Victor Hingsberg Replied 6 months ago

Thank you. Arsalan Shah. I set the cache value to 0 and the website now works. Pity that HostGator couldn't figure that out and told me I needed to change the code because it was a coding issue. Seems I'll have to leave the site operating with the cache disabled until someone finds a permanent fix for this.

German Arsalan Shah Replied 6 months ago

Well upon checking i can only guess that the problem is with the permission, OSSN unable to create a cache , please make sure that the publichtml and the ossndata folder is owned by apache user or the user of cpanel. Alternatively you may login into your cpanel go to phpmyadmin and in ossn_site_settings change cache value to 0, your site page will appear correctly, but if you enable cache again you may face same issue.

Until you resolve the issue with your server, we suggest you to not to use site as it will give you same type of issues on images upload.