Upgrade from 5.0 to 5.1 not working

David Exodus Posted in General Discussion 6 months ago

I have tried to upgrade my installation according to the documentation from 5.0 to 5.1 but nothing happened. What did go wrong there and how can i upgrade it correctly?

German Arsalan Shah Replied 5 months ago

@Nelson, please this is separate topic about upgrade failed issue, Not sure what it have to do with Amazon and Upgrade Process.

@To All Who Want to use PayPal
>....how hard they try to convince you the transaction is safe, if it's on the internet a safe transaction is simple impossible.

You try to use PayPal and provide your credit card details there, you think they are safe because they offer you to file a dispute ? Did you asked same question to Amazon about why PayPal isn't available anymore?

Something fishy here, you wanted to agree to site terms, buy a product and then after using it ask PayPal to refund you your money because you are done with product and don't wanted to use it anymore.

Have you ever heard about PCI Compliance ?

To end the discussion you should contact Amazon and Softlab directly for the question as its outside forum scope. They accept paypal for managed/hosted service only.

German ~Z~ Man Replied 5 months ago

Okay, just in order to summarize:

David's upgrading process failed because Nelson can't shop with Amazon. Hmm ....

us Nelson Rogers Replied 5 months ago

How do we pay for the premium version without using a credit card? I attempted a purchase because I saw the PayPal log in the footer of their site. However once it was time to pay there was no PayPal option for payment. I NEVER give out my credit card details online EVER! This is why I cannot shop online with Amazon because they don't except PayPal.

Listen folks don't be naive, Regardless how hard they try to convince you the transaction is safe, if it's on the internet a safe transaction is simple impossible. It is like radiation, There is no such thing as a safe level of radiation. There is no such thing as a safe online credit card transaction period. PayPal will protect your transaction and even refund you if it goes bad.

Can someone please explain why Softlab24 footer displays a PayPal logo yet not offer PayPal at checkout?

German Arsalan Shah Replied 6 months ago


  1. No they seems using old version you should contact them to upgrade their repository.
  2. Yes of course
  3. Yes,
  4. Yes
  5. Not sure,
  6. Yes
  7. Please contact on our contact form for that service.
us Nelson Rogers Replied 6 months ago

I see I can install this via my Softaculous.


  1. In Softaculous it show 5.0- Is that the latest free version?
  2. Can I use my sites logo?
  3. Can I change the background?
  4. Can I upgrade to the paid version from the free version?
  5. Will it run on Apache 4?
  6. Is it compatible with PHP version 7.0 +?
  7. Do you charge if I choose to have you install it?

Got to add a funny one- Will it make my morning coffee?

German Arsalan Shah Replied 6 months ago

That is fine to use free version to upgrade your site

ch David Exodus Replied 6 months ago

Sorry I've seen now that the premium version was not updated, I've taken the standard edition to upgrade now, I hope that's okay.