Video ads on ossn is that possible because I've been investing in this and I need some help

Darien Brown Posted in Technical Support 4 months ago

What file show I edit to add a in video banner to my videos hosting is expensive I need a way to make some money back

us Adedayo Adedayo Replied 2 months ago

alwys sying about money do some free work for us i u request
did u contribute nothing here mrs.bansha plese some free work here too u not come rich without free work help here too mrs.bansha

us Bansh33 - Replied 2 months ago

if you still want this done, you can contact me by email (address in profile). I recently made an ad system that can display animated gifs and other images, either on the right sidebar at a location you choose, or within the newsfeed (mixed in w/ posts basically). It also lets you specify html within your ad and some other stuff that isn't present in the official OssnAds feature. in either case, you can set it to randomly select an ad, and in the latter case, you can specify how often you want it to repeat (for example, once every 3 posts). It could be extended to allow videos without too much trouble.