Thinking about integrating wordpress plugins

David Exodus Posted in General Discussion 4 years ago

Ive got a Wordpress project and thought about some plugins that would be amazing with OSSN like Rank Math SEO. Are you thinking about crossplatforming to make this possible or are there too much restrictions? I think that OSSN lacks a lot in SEO my wordpress project gets after setting up all SEO possibilities for 5 days about 100-300 klicks per day from google. I cannot say the same for OSSN which has only a component for seo metadata that im not sure if its even working or not.

Tell me more about your opinions, plans and ideas please.

ch David Exodus Replied 4 years ago

Cool, thank you for both good written answers. Okay then im currently trying to optimize everything in case of SEO maybe i will start learning on how to create a component and make something for SEO, i understand that wordpresa and other CMS or boards or whatever system are completely different structures. But i think when you try these systems and plugins you get a lot of new ideas what could be useful for OSSN. I have a lot of WP plugins which im thinking of are a good thing to see as reference for an OSSN component.

I'll definitly try to contribute something from my side. Ill just need to get more free time for it.

Something Offtopic for Arsalan:
Also for the premium support, i mostly liked your support and the fast way you optimized things. That being said i will definitly continue my subscription just give me some time to make the payment. Also i need to make it like last time via direct bank transfer if possible.

us Nelson Rogers Replied 4 years ago

Awe Yes Wordpress started off as a blogging software mainly for chicks- Not anymore. As a social script can indeed turn WordPress into a CMS. Think Buddypress or Peepso. I own 3 WordPress sites and they all rank very high in SEO. They are all pretty much written in PHP with a little java & ajax. My opinion is the major downfall of WordPress is it is slow. In defense of my new OSSN is the fact that if you google my site Social Hobo, it appears as high as possible. First link on the first page in google's search . And it is way faster loading than any of my WordPress sites.

David I think your idea of crossplatforming is a good idea, but it would come with more problems. Although Peepso did it to compete with BuddyPress and they even cross-platformed MyCred points & badges and learndash.

However since those are third party plugins Peepso will not offer support for another developer's plugin and I don't blame them. Another thing to consider is the fact that Peepso has more than two dozen developers working for them 24/7 across the world. And their software is very expensive. They priced me out of their software as I can no longer afford them that is why I have switched to OSSN.

I am not sure how many are working for OSSN but I do know that Arsalan works very hard and he has a lot on his plate. That is not to say that it is impossible for OSSN to incorporate a cross-platform to add some worthy WordPress plugins. However it would be a lot of work and they would need to get paid. David would you be willing to pay OSSN extra money in this case? If so how much more?

Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 4 years ago

There is no way for us to make wordpress or other cms plugins works with with OSSN, it make no sense here, each CMS have different logics behind plugins and different way of handling.

Wordpress is a blogging and OSSN on other hand is a social script, you get SEO kicks per day because wordpress have most of stuff visible on the index page , search engines will check index page and then linking pages. OSSN didn't have those stuff visible.

You may submit a sitemap.xml to google or create a component that create a dynamic sitemap for your network pages.