Register, login, reset login and reset password hook or callback

Adrien Allemand Posted in Component Development 5 months ago

Hi, i'm now messing with the user system of ossn. I need to execute some code (verifications on a microservice API) defined in a component when a user triggers the following events :

  • Registers (success)
  • Login (success)
  • Resetlogin (success)
  • Resetpassword (success)

I opened the adequate files from ossn/actions/user/ and checked if any callback were declared in there but only the login file triggers a callback :

ossn_trigger_callback('login', 'success', $vars);

I'd like to be able to detect these events and execute code (mainly to LOG and add a JWT with permissions generated from my micro-service). I could add code to these files to trigger callbacks but i know you don't recommend modifying the core of ossn so i'm looking for an alternate way.

German Arsalan Shah Replied 4 months ago

you may can do following

$user = ossn_user_by_guid($vars['user']->guid);
ch Adrien Allemand Replied 5 months ago

Still working on my identity manager, i managed the registration part with the hook you provided.

I am now working on the login hook in OssnUser.php, It seems the user's password is not passed along with the object to the hook :

In the public function Login() i can read :

OssnSession::assign('OSSN_USER', $user);
$vars         = array();
$vars['user'] = $user;
$login        = ossn_call_hook('user', 'login', $vars, true);
return $login; 

And from inside a hook function i wrote, when i print_r the $vars array i get :

    [user] => OssnUser Object
            [guid] => 1
            [type] => admin
            [username] => BobMoran
            [email] => [email protected]
            [first_name] => Bob
            [last_name] => Moran
            [last_login] => 1571037608
            [last_activity] => 1571037684
            [activation] =>
            [time_created] => 1571037602
            [fullname] => Adrien Allemand
            [birthdate] => 08/08/1908
            [gender] => male
            [data] => stdClass Object

I need access to that password to plugin my identification manager. Is there a nicer way than selecting it from DB in my hook ?

German Arsalan Shah Replied 5 months ago

Yes you may stop user creation.

ossn_add_hook('user', 'create', 'disable_user_create');
function disable_user_create(){
       return false;
ch Adrien Allemand Replied 5 months ago

Is there a way to prevent user creation/modification from the callbacks ? I need to prevent user creation if my microservice doesn't respond or raises an exception. I am thinking of a hook of some sort able to stop the user creation or update process ossn-side ?

ch Adrien Allemand Replied 5 months ago

ok thanks !

German Arsalan Shah Replied 5 months ago

For registration you may use

ossn_register_callback('user', 'created', 'my_callback_abc');

For others you may use callback that arises before the action is performed,

ossn_register_callback('action', 'load', 'my_action_callback');
function my_action_callback($callback, $type, $vars){
         if($vars['action'] == 'resetlogin'){