How to hide the left sidebar on page start-up?

Daniel Teich Posted in Theme Development 2 months ago

hello again :-)

every time I load up the site, the left sidebar will be opened. how is it possible to load up the page without showing the sidebar automatically? I want the users to push the list button to show the sidebar. not on page load

Tatar Steven downer Replied 2 months ago

Always remember...

Flush the cache also....

But glad it works

German Daniel Teich Replied 2 months ago

thank you! it works. but when I set this to 1 - I have to tap twice on the button. so I tried with just remove the 0 and save. now it works.

Tatar Steven downer Replied 2 months ago

There is a sidebar toggle switch for the fa fa-th-list icon that can be changed to achieve this.

By default it is set to 0, I believe, which is the OPEN setting.