Smiles and select button in add photo

Austin Smart Posted in Technical Support 8 months ago

I need your help...
Smiles on my site are not loading and the select button in the add photo is not showing up to browse and load photos. I have installed the OSSN Premium version on Linux 18.xx VPS. Would be great if anyone can help.

===> for the album(photo) issue, see this link with demo image -**
===> for smiles issue, see this link with demo image -

Thanks for assisting.

German Arsalan Shah Replied 8 months ago

@Austin, we request on your softlab ticket if you can provide the cpanel details our team shall try to reinstall the software and see what is wrong,

German Austin Smart Replied 8 months ago

deactivated multiple uploads as advised but same issue... did not work

us Bryce alvord Replied 8 months ago

I just performed a test and without that component I am able to upload multiples, this came in a recent OSSN update somewhere in the 4.x's but I cant remember which one. With the component enabled I cant get the Browse Files dialog to open

us Bryce alvord Replied 8 months ago

Do you have the premium component called Multi Upload enabled? If so, disable it. I had a problem with that component with v1.0

No ideas for the smileys, sorry!