Oweka Bob Patrick Posted in Technical Support 8 months ago

Greetings, I have just installed Ossn V5.1 and it seems all went well throughout the process, this is the error am getting i have no ideas if all of you had the same experiences "Cannot Reset Password! Please try again later" when trying to reset password after forgetting and that's not all "cannot invite the following address [email protected]" etc when trying to invite friends through emails, is there some idea and help will be appreciated thanks so much for such innovation am looking towards premium Version.

Uigur Oweka Bob Patrick Replied 8 months ago

Thank Arsalan for that information, let me get back here soon just in case it failed and I will likewise post the success of it to help those who may have some challenges, thanks once again and thanks to Robert for the tip.

Russian Robert Pera Replied 8 months ago

create instand new Host email

use filezila to upload file delete the all database user and database name

and create new one in host in email account host delete all old email

i recommend that for you.

German Arsalan Shah Replied 8 months ago

Can you confirm if the user email is same as you mentioned by means they have no uppercase, lowercase letters?

Besides if invites can not send email to few emails that and send it to some that means:

  1. OSSN mailer is working fine.
  2. You need to look into your server, you may contact your hosting provider and ask them what is wrong?
  3. Or you may use SMTP component.