What is wrong with people on here lately + my tips for getting help

bryce alvord Posted in General Discussion 8 months ago

So I have been an observer and a infrequent contributor for a couple years on here and it seems like lately there have been a lot of trolls or divas that are very disrespectful to the people that are the ones they are asking questions to. I just want to say that as a general rule of thumb is to be respectful, put in effort on your part and show you are trying and that goes a long ways with people's willingness to help and a big no no is threatening them FYI. Just my 2 cents because I find the people on here extremely helpful.

us Something Clever Replied 8 months ago

~Z~Man really nails it, I think.

gb SzSocial Media Replied 8 months ago

+1 ^_^

German ~Z~ Man Replied 8 months ago

I think, the more a community grows the more it'll become a mirror of the world outside. And - sad to say - but this world IS full of individuals who like to damage someone or something - just for fun.

se Johannes Genberg Replied 8 months ago