Installing OSSN on Amazon Web Services

bryce alvord Posted in Technical Support 7 months ago

I looked in the search and only saw one article that never amounted to anything so I'm very curious, has anyone messed with putting OSSN in Amazon? I ask because I'm not really pleased with the storage price on my current vps hosting so I'm just curious about this as an option.

I'm a techie but server hosting in Amazon is confusing to me because they offer so many services it's hard to figure out just what is needed for OSSN. To me their product presentation and clarity is total garbage. Unless you know Amazon's cloud service catalog, it's a total pain to figure anything out.

So in theory you need

  • LAMP stack
  • php extensions
  • ffmpeg (for premium video component)
  • what else??

Any advice from anyone with Amazon experience would be great!

us Bryce alvord Replied 7 months ago

Thanks Oliver!

Looks like I could stand up a better version of my vps for the same price.

5-10 bucks a month isnt bad at all for what they are offering.

German Oliver Mankewitz Replied 7 months ago

Hi, Bryce!
It seems that the following link brings you to what youre looking for. You can testdrive it before purchasing the service.

German ~Z~ Man Replied 7 months ago

Your list looks complete - can't give any Amazon advice, though.