Notification count shows a number but no notifications in pane

bryce alvord Posted in Component Development 7 months ago

Im not sure if this is related to a component I was working on a long while back or not which is why I am not submitting it as a general bug because it may be my fault lol.

Image of the issue (embedding didnt work for some reason)

So my question is, how do I find out useful information about these rogue notifications that are kind of missing. I imagine they are missing a template to represent them but I just need to find out more about them. Is a DB Query the best way to go about this?



us Bryce alvord Replied 7 months ago

Thanks Z-Man, I appreciate it!

German ~Z~ Man Replied 7 months ago

in case your guid is 1, you can do a query like

SELECT * FROM `ossn_notifications` WHERE owner_guid = 1 AND viewed  is null

this way you'll get an idea what kind of type it is