OSSN sign up field component not reflecting

Godwin Dan Posted in Beginning Developers 4 months ago

Hi all. After activating the sign up field component, phone numbers of users doesn't show up in admin 'list users' panel. How can I fix this?

ng Godwin Dan Replied 4 months ago

Alright thanks alot. will do just that!

German ~Z~ Man Replied 4 months ago

Well, since the space is fairly limited on this page I don't see no way to add extra information - as we don't want to have 2 or even more lines per user.

Aside from that: If you really need to verify the phone number or other details of a certain user you can simply click the 'Edit' button to get his complete settings page.

ng Godwin Dan Replied 4 months ago

@Z Man, after enabling the signup field component, i tested it by creating an account and inputting my mobile number in the required field. then i went to mydomain.com/administrator/users . this is where users are listed with names, username, emails etc. i expected the mobile number to be added for the new account i created, but it wasn't added. however, when i login as user, i can find the number. i want the number to be added to mydomain.com/administrator/users where other information is. is this possible? thanks for your time.

German ~Z~ Man Replied 4 months ago

I don't even see phone numbers WITHOUT the signup field component.

So, please explain which way (where) you are entering phone numbers.
And the exact admin backend url you are expecting phone numbers to appear.

And have a look into "How to report a bug / error" in the Ossn documentation section.