Delete Photo and on the wall, the post is not delete

Tatar Xavatar Posted in Technical Support 2 weeks ago


Sorry for my bad english, i'm french.
I will try to explain the problem clearly.

When i add a photo, 1 post appears on my wall => OK
If, i delete this photo, the post is not deleted and stay on my wall.

It's normal ?
Thx for your reply.


French Loic gerlain Replied 6 days ago

Pour nous rassurer, quand tu supprime le post, ya plus la photo ?! ....

French Loic gerlain Replied 6 days ago

oui c'est normal ; c'est la photo que tu supprime, pas le post

French Loic gerlain Replied 6 days ago

Hello cher voisin, tu veux bien expliquer ton problème s'il te plait. ?


French Tatar Xavatar Replied 2 weeks ago

Thx for our reply.
Ok, no problem, it's just a question and if it's normal, that's right !

Ok, i look the problem of Killian.

German ~Z~ Man Replied 2 weeks ago

you are right: that's not 100% perfect - currently you can only MANUALLY delete an orphan wall entry like that from inside the wall posting menu.
I will open a feature request on Github to take care of that automatically in the future.

Aside from that:
Maybe you can do us a favour and give some help on

I am still stuck on this case because I don't speak FRENCH and Killian doesn't seem to understand my advices.