I think we should add the ability to add moderators./ip ban

Serra Amaru Posted in Component Development 2 weeks ago

I dont want to make everyone who helps me on my site to be able to get to everything.. I just want to have users that can keep an eye on the site and delete messages etc... not get into the administrator area and be able to edit everything. Is there a possible way to add this? Or at least make a component that lets you add user roles and their permissions?

as well as a possible ability to ban a users ip address in case they cause alot of trouble?

German Arsalan Shah Replied 2 weeks ago

You should see : https://www.softlab24.com/product/view/4390/site-moderators

Regarding IP banning it is possible to create such a component but i remember a good quote from our team member zetman, todays bad user can be good user for tomorrow that means if someone using that ip and after some days that ip assigned to some other user, that user may not able to visit your website.