OSSN testing in Raspberry PI - low cost credit card sized computer

Giuseppe Cassibba Posted in Beginning Developers 1 week ago

Hi all,
I recently tested OSSN in a low performance and cheap Raspberry PI. Please find below guide link:
Peppe8o.com - Private Social Network with Raspberry Pi and OpenSource Social Network
The main difference between standard installation and my test is in database: I use MariaDB because it is lighter than MySQL for low end hardware. Remaining steps are quite identical and apply well to Rasbpian Buster Lite OS.
It worked very fine for me and I would know if someone have tested it before.

German ~Z~ Man Replied 1 week ago

Thank you very much for your encouraging report, Giuseppe!

Even more, your detailed installation guide will be of real help for installing Ossn on a dedicated server.

There's just one thing to note, though:

Since mcrypt is depreceted and has been removed since PHP 7.2
Ossn kept track of that alredy and is using open-ssl en-/decryption instead.

Hence, as Ossn isn't using mcrypt anymore and you can remove those lines from your guide.

French GuiƓm Brax Replied 1 week ago

according to this tutorial i have install OSSN on a orangepi pc+
i use a remote data based on my nas and for the files i use a nfs share folder.
untill now seam to work fine