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Roman Lohov Posted in General Discussion 4 years ago

When will a free forum be available for OSSN? Is it even worth waiting for? Is there going to be one? What's the update on it? One thing this script is lacking that would be it.

German Heiko Schulze Replied 10 months ago

And if you rewrite the blog? and uses as a forum?

us Roman Lohov Replied 4 years ago

Rafail stratiotis
If anything I know, or can help, I put it here. Once again you misunderstood the question.
I've read here that someone was going to work on it some time ago. Just needed an update.

German Michael Z├╝lsdorff Replied 4 years ago

I can only speak for myself, of course.
And no, I've nothing like that on my to-do list.

gr Rafail Stratiotis Replied 4 years ago

Hello Roman Lohov
I will agree with your logic for open source = Free,
the ossn is free as well as many Components is free..
You could develop too a Component for the community "open source social network"
as ossn is open source and is based on its community for its development

I don't know if I'm right or wrong, but that's my view ;)

Best regards

us Roman Lohov Replied 4 years ago

Lets just say, If I wanted to buy, I wouldn't be here. I wasn't asking one for me. I asked if it will be available in future. Free, as I asked in the OPEN SOURCE community. OPEN source = Free.

gr Rafail Stratiotis Replied 4 years ago

Hello Roman Lohov

You could buy the Component Forum from SoftLab24
think of it as gratitude to the creators and programmers of OSSN
The developers and creators of OSSN have given away a lot of Components for free,
other companies and projects are selling them

us Roman Lohov Replied 4 years ago

Ahh, sad to hear. If only I can fint forum that is similar to ossn_users structure.

Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 4 years ago

It will not come at least from our side but i am not sure about other developers as there are other few developers here too.