Blurry profile pictures on postings

Mateo XRP Posted in Technical Support 2 months ago

I noticed the profile pictures on my OSSN (using Awesome theme) are blurry. Anybody know any way to fix that? Thanks.

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German ~Z~ Man Replied 1 month ago

Please stop creating further topics here if you're not willing to co-operate, Mateo.

There may be a chance that some special images might cause issues - yes - but you can't expect us checking zillions of pictures until we incidently find exactly the one you are using.

German ~Z~ Man Replied 2 months ago

Since there's no easy way to access your site,
please provide a download link to a sample image you are using
and a screenshot that is showing the blurred appearance of that image

And just in advance:
You're NOT using that Reduce Image Size component?