Social media site locked, answer to grey YT video

Martin T. Posted in Technical Support 2 months ago

the other problem, now is the site locked, with this message:
The requested resource is currently locked. The lock must be released or proper identification given before the method can be applied.

Grey YT video direct link:

German ~Z~ Man Replied 1 month ago

which headline? you meant the title of the video?

German Martin T. Replied 1 month ago

ok, thank you.

sorry, now its working. but i can't change the headline?!

German ~Z~ Man Replied 1 month ago

if Youtube shows a Share link like
then you have to use exactly this Share link when posting.
And not anything else like embed, iframe or whatever.

Aside from that: Keep seperate issues aside from each other. The idea of this community is to benefit from solutions already given. And that means: Using the search function first - and hopefully find an answer already. But this won't hardly work with a subject like answer to grey YT video

us Theyadora Leeper Replied 2 months ago

I had this error a few times whilst messing about with videos.
That error is because you tried to use <embed> tag in your code to 'embed' the video.
Youtube will not allow it. Use an iframe it will work that way.