Chat sound always on for new messages

filipe medeiros Posted in General Discussion 2 weeks ago

I know it must be something very easy to do ... but I still haven't succeeded ...

I would like to always leave the chat sound on for new messages, without the possibility to disable it. it's possible?

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Breton Filipe medeiros Replied 2 weeks ago

understand, thanks for your attention and help

German ~Z~ Man Replied 2 weeks ago

I'm not so sure you really do...
Otherwise you would have addressed that question to Google, Apple, Microsoft and friends.
Because it's THEIR mobile browsers to start in muted mode by default.

Breton Filipe medeiros Replied 2 weeks ago

I understood, would there be a way to reverse it? if the default is to play the sound and if the user doesn't want it, press "mute"?

German ~Z~ Man Replied 2 weeks ago

at least on mobile devices Ossn needs that little bell being pressed by the member to confirm he really WANTS to hear a sound. See
Although there might be a chance having automatic sounds even on Android mobile broswers in the meantime ... see
it would be a real overhead, and - as said - still won't work on iPhones.

Thus, instead of confusing your members with having a bell on one device and having no bell on the other, we will stay with the current implementation (having bells on all devices) as long as there's no device independant solution in sight.