Disable Mobile Number on Registration

Steven Legg Posted in Technical Support 6 days ago

Hello All,

Bit of a noob here but I have already learned so much from all of these helpful threads. Anyway on to the question:

I am trying to set up the registration page and I have installed Flexi as my theme. I have tried searching through the registration.php file under actions/user/ to locate the required fields for registering. I do see the username, passwords, and etc. but not the mobile number field. I do not want my users to be required to provide a mobile number for registering at this time because I do not even use the mobile number verification system as I have not purchased that component yet...baby steps.

I understand that it is not recommended making changes to core files, but I do have a background in html development and back up my system with each change so I am not too concerned about making changes to these files. I just need to know where I need to go to make this change. Thanks in advance!

us Steven Legg Replied 5 days ago

Fantastic! That was the key, thanks!

German Arsalan Shah Replied 6 days ago

If you are you paid version then you can disable it in components page , mobile login and disable it.