Planing actions in calendar plugin

Mirra _ Posted in Component Development 11 months ago
this is nice plugin with wonderful potential to the future!
Please can someone tune it so users will be able to put there actions and plans for other users/myself/admins/or specific group of invited friends?
For example: Lanparty sunday at 6 PM (or european time 18:00), who wants to join, when (if some friends will join after 7PM), sending messages to the team chat that has been made for this action, posting images/statuses and so on?

Some plugin like this would be absolutely lovely. ;-)
Thank you for this project, I am really happy for this community and experienced people here. :)

German ~Z~ Man Replied 10 months ago

basically any free compoment may be cloned for enhancements/changes as long as you leave the copyright in place and you mention 3rd party work if necessary.
Just have a look into the docs (How to write a simple component for Ossn and stuff) and give it a try.

us BlkWolf LanHunter Replied 10 months ago

Hello Mirra_

I agree with the request as well. I think it comes down to the user community to build and release a free version that would then be supported by the community. I would be interested in working on a community calendar expansion. At present I am still new to the tool and learning how it works. From all I have seen, its really a matter of coding and tracking the entries to a calendar date. A new entry field to add to the calendar object, then an expansion on the calendar object itself to read the object entries.

The part I think I still have to understand is the scheduling and external alerting. I have ideas but that's a different thread.

Anyone out there in the community building a free-for-use copy of the calendar? I am looking to collaborate efforts.


cz Mirra _ Replied 11 months ago

Sorry, I am unable to post more discussions, so here is my next idea:

When about 10 people send me a message I am deadly tired by clicking every message and notification in the right upper corner.
Can someone please make some button or HTTP link like "Show all notifications as read" ?

Guys thank you for your work and this project.