How to get multi-image posts like on Facebook?

Allon Prooit Posted in Component Development 1 week ago

Facebook has the multi-image type post all of us are dying to have on our OSSN installations. I'm guessing this calls for a new component to handle the post. It would open up to a page showing the images in a linear scrolling format. Can anyone make some suggestions on how to make this a reality? Willing to pay good money for a fully developed component!

German Arsalan Shah Replied 5 days ago

Lets see who can able to do that because I don't see any good reason to add many pictures in a post that is why a album was introduced. I mean i don't mind but it is a lot of work and requires editing of entire wall component.

us Allon Prooit Replied 7 days ago

As for a maximum number of posts, I've seen facebook posts with hundreds of images in them. I wouldn't put a limit on it unless you have to.

German Arsalan Shah Replied 7 days ago

With multiple images in post how many maximum images do you think it should be allowed?