"Reply" to comment desperately need (follow up to my @mention)

Philip Lozier Posted in Component Development 1 week ago

In order to make the messaging system have the BASIC funtionaility of other competing sites using competitive software, a 'reply' to comment feature that threads the reply under the comment is desperately needed. It is almost impossible to hold simple conversation kept in context without it. the @mention is far, far, from sufficient to make up for this.

I truly hope the developers will consider adding this feature in the very near future, I am even, at this point, willing to pay for it... even though I (and most end users) consider it to be "basic'.



us Philip Lozier Replied 7 days ago

The fact that I even CONSIDER changing after putting the amount of work in that I have should be some kind of indicator to them, you would "think".

us Philip Lozier Replied 7 days ago

@Bryce alvord ... I tried to reply in there, but when saving the massage it failed and logged me out of 'members area" (not the first time for that, either). Anyway, the fancy lookup feature you mentioned is not required... the fact that it even sends the notification should be at least a point to work from to trigger a change in font color or something, no??? Just to indicate to the user creating the message that it actually DID something???

A "reply" to comment feature is still needed, even if that worked, though. I would hope the developers would see that the basic "social" functions, of a social networking software far outweigh any fancy features WRT importance. Some of the "core" features seem at times to be only half baked proof of concept. I wouldn't care if I didn't pay for the premium version and almost ALL of the other paid components. I'm too far in to switch softwares at this point, and wish they would see how important those (again) BASIC funtionaility features are.

us Philip Lozier Replied 7 days ago

@Bryce alvord ... Will do.

us Bryce alvord Replied 1 week ago

Hey Phil, check out my reply regarding the mentions on the component page for it