Add new submenu to left sidebar

Keith Evans Posted in Technical Support 1 week ago

I'm trying to add a submenu to the left sidebar. I've seen a few discussions, but they all say to add code to a PHP file and I can't find the appropriate file. Also, I have Menubuilder, but it seems to only allow me to add links to existing submenus, not a new submenu.

How can I add a new submenu to the left sidebar other than "Links" and "Groups?"

German ~Z~ Man Replied 1 week ago

You can make that code part of the HelloWorld component for example or create your own one.
Read 'How to write a simple component for Ossn' and other related how-tos.

us Keith Evans Replied 1 week ago

Thank you, but I cannot find the file mentioned in those two threads. Can you give me the path to where that file should be?

us Keith Evans Replied 1 week ago

I don't understand... I'm using the goblack 4.5 theme; are you saying I need to change to a different template?