Public User Profiles/Pages

Bryan Saltzman Posted in Component Development 1 month ago

Is it possible to have a group of users that have public profiles by default? I trying for a cross between a business page and a normal user. A few differences:

  • remove the message button
  • can write on wall and share videos or photos without being friends
  • public feed that can be viewed when not logged in
us Bryan Saltzman Replied 1 month ago

It is the same functionality as Facebook pages where users can follow a page. The business pages component is similar but missing a lot of functionality. Groups are close as well, but require confirmation to join a group.

Basically, I'd like to create a bunch of profiles (like baseball players for example) and allow anyone to search and view all players. Then I'd like logged in users to be able to follow and post pictures, video or text to that page.

Does that make sense?

German Arsalan Shah Replied 1 month ago

Can you explain more?