Dead Link on Learn how to create new theme

Christopher Turner Posted in Theme Development 1 month ago

I was reading over how to create a new theme and came across for allowed names refer to

I tried to reference this article further discovering the above was a dead link.. Not sure if this is intentional on dev part or not but figured it was worth mentioning.

Sorry for not introducing myself i'm new to ossn. So far i'm very interested in learning more about ossn and php. I migrated here from phpbb which has gotten some what boring. I set out to find new adventure, when luckily I came across your open source social network. I original thought ossn would have familiar structure compared to phpbb but to my surprise I had trouble locating a html file or some type of overall header.html lol.. Well I learned something new today and realize it's possible to write entire site in php without the use of html files... Anyways I'm self taught so if i'm not accurate about the way I say something please correct me so I can learn and better my experience. Thanks to all who decide to contribute to a poor ole sap who rather code then put up with his naggin wife, who at this very moment never shuts up.. After reading through many post and comments, I think i've narrowed down ossn founder? Arsalan Shah or aka Z~ Man, correct me if i'm wrong but these 2 users are one in the same? Any how I see you are very much active and fast to help, so let me start off by saying thank you for all your hard work and contributions to the coding world. If not for guys like you, saps like me would never learn anything new.

us Christopher Turner Replied 1 month ago

or try to code I should say for lack of better words.. I know enough to break stuff and be dangerous.. reason I live by the back it up before you try to edit motto. -=)