Forum component users can view without being member

Kaka Raka Posted in General Discussion 8 months ago

Hey I have ossn premium and installed the forum component.

I want to disable it for non logged in users I don’t want guest to be able to see it.

But there is a way around that if not logged in user writes “
Then he has full access to read the forum without being logged in or a member.
Is there a way to hide this section for non logged in users ?


us MAURICE TAYLOR Replied 3 months ago

The issue with using the private network is that it prevents the use of the p2p direct video. Is there another way to block non users to see the forum with our blocking the video component ?

se Kaka Raka Replied 8 months ago

Thank you mate i must have missed it

German Michael Z├╝lsdorff Replied 8 months ago

Yes, the Private Network component will do right that.