Any Social Networking for me to join that is currently running on OSSN Premium?

Sepiroth X Posted in General Discussion 2 years ago

Hello guys!

The social network I built running on ossn has been down for months. I'm still saving money right now because I'm planning to have a re-launch next year and I'm going to buy the premium ossn soon. Is there any social network here that is currently running on premium for me to join just to get some user experience and insights? Please feel free to share your social network if you're open for a new community members.

By the way, I have little knowledge in tweaking the ossn theme too. If you need help with something, maybe I can help.

Anyways, best regards!

ph Sepiroth X Replied 2 years ago

@Jeff thanks! I'll join your network ;)

us Jeff shockley Replied 2 years ago
ph Sepiroth X Replied 2 years ago

@Tito Hey! Thanks for sharing, I'll check it out! ;)

us Tito millan Replied 2 years ago

hi im dj rikan and you can join mine if you like