How to show profile photos in the news feeds wall to everyone?

Hugo Cuellar Posted in Technical Support 5 months ago

If i'm not mistaken, In OSSN 5.6, the profile photos or cover photos are showing to everyone in the wall (news feeds) if you set OssnWall setting to "all site posts".

In OSSN 6.1 latest, profile photos or cover photos only shows to friends in the news feeds, not including the "world" icon symbol, but still public to everyone in the album, and yes, friends can view in the news feed wall, but i want the "not friends" to see the this too.

How i can revert back this behavior?


Note: related topic, but on the contrary.

Behavior steps:

  1. Verify OssnWall setting is set to "All site posts"
  2. User A uploads a new profile photo.
  3. The new photo its shows in the news feeds wall, but only to friends.
  4. User B "that is not friend" of the User A, can't see the profile photo update in the news feed.

Reason why i want this behavior: my community like to interact with new members profile photo updates. (Cover Photo are not mandatory or necessary to show in the new feeds, because a user try to upload a lot of cover photo to adjust banner, and its like "spam" in the news feed)

cl Hugo Cuellar Replied 5 months ago

Thanks for the reply.

Testing and working normally.