I'm new and I know very little

MAURICE TAYLOR Posted in Technical Support 7 months ago

I'm looking for a community that is ok for people to know every little and grow from there. I was just in the elgg community and found it not as welcoming as I hoped. I'm here to see if this is welcoming place because I'm eager to learn just confused as hell.
Thank you

us Joey Champion Replied 7 months ago

Good Morning Maurice,
I just wanted to say hello and also reply to the friendliness of the OSSN Community.
My background is media production, such as visual effects and also a very old web developer from the early days of the internet. Yes, I'm THAT old.
Anyway, after almost a 20 year hiatus from anything web related, I tried OSSN.
So very glad I did.
The community is very supportive and Arsalan is an amazing individual. He is very passionate about the user base and OSSN as a whole.
You will have questions... as we all do at times.
However, this forum is the best at finding solutions.
If you just want a turnkey solution that is blazingly fast, I recommend the hosted option here...
(Everything is set up and ready to go from the very start).
Either way, welcome to the OSSN community.🙂

us MAURICE TAYLOR Replied 7 months ago

Thank you for starting this, it's been helpful, high learning curve but helpful.

Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 7 months ago

You are welcome to ask the questions. I am aware of the Elgg community people are not so good there. I was one of the developer on elgg community https://elgg.org/profile/arsalanlee I left it due to the sarcasm by many people there.