Installing PWA version on smartphone

melo lobo Posted in Technical Support 2 years ago

hi everyone i hope you are doing well. I just tested the PWA but I encountered a problem. I installed the ServiceWorker component and the Favicone component. the site installs perfectly on PC but on smartPhone it does not work I can't find any link or message at the bottom of the screen asking me to install the PWA version. I did the test on Iphone SE 2020. IOS 14.5.1

ma Melo lobo Replied 2 years ago

Navigate to the website you want to add as a PWA in Safari. Then tap the 'Share' button, scroll down and tap 'Add to Home Screen. ' Enter the name for the app then tap add. The PWA will show up on your home screen like a native iOS app.

ma Melo lobo Replied 2 years ago

It’s ok I found it. It work well now