White screen of death after PhP upgrade

Aidan DS Posted in Technical Support 1 year ago

Hello. My current OSSN site is on PhP7.2 but I want to upgrade it to PhP7.4 so I can use SMTP mail but every time I upgrade to PhP7.4 when I try to load the page it is all white

us Aidan DS Replied 1 year ago

Hello. I have tried the steps you have listed but the site is not giving any errors and I have all of the components installed? Is there any other causes?

German Michael Z├╝lsdorff Replied 1 year ago

Most likely your PHP 7.4 is missing one or more extensions required by Ossn

It's alsway a good idea to read the Ossn documentation before asking questions here - in this case

  1. https://www.opensource-socialnetwork.org/wiki/view/1954/how-to-enable-ossn-error-reporting
  2. https://www.opensource-socialnetwork.org/wiki/view/1101/how-to-report-a-bug-error-issue CASE A

After having enabled Ossn error reporting and having copied ossninfo.php to your site
and provide the bottom part of error_log

Alternatively you may run
with PHP 7.2 in one browser tab and 7.4 in another and compare the output