Signup page component development

Mario Malafronte Posted in Component Development 1 week ago

hi, I am trying to develop a component to replace the default signup page with a layout developed by me. The problem is that I don’t understand how to make my page replace the default one, publish the code so someone with a good heart can help me find the error :) ossn_com.php:

function ucapitalsignupinit(){
ossnextendview('css/ossn.default', 'css/style');


function ucapitalsignuppage($pages){

switch ($pages[0]) {

    case 'login':

    $guid                = $pages[1];

    $title               = ossn_print('com:ossn:signup');

    $contents['content'] = ossn_plugin_view('pages/signup', array(

    'signup' => $guid


    $content             = ossn_set_page_layout('signup', $contents);

    echo ossn_view_page($title, $content);





Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 6 days ago

Copy file plugins/default/pages/contents/index.php to your component/NameOFComponent/plugins/default/pages/contents/index.php