I planted my site. How do I fix it?

Dominique Riche Posted in General Discussion 3 weeks ago


I planted my site yesterday and I don’t know how I can fix it.
I’ll tell you how I crashed the site.
For some time I have had a problem with the site because I have problem with some component that blocks when I make a friend request they do not appear in my friends list once accept, There are also bits of code in the message service that appear when I use smiles. I opened a ticket for the moment they are on the problem...
I wanted to intervene on the site by following the procedure of removing the cache to make the modifications and I failed to find the solution.
So I thought I went to the coast of the database and I made a big mistake I emptied the database thinking well. OOPS! Now I find myself with a blank page on the site.

Is there a solution to my mistake?

Thank you

French Dominique Riche Replied 3 weeks ago

As I had not made a backup yet, I have to reinstall it.
I need to delete all of the server before or I can directly redo the installation from the current site just by deleting the database?
I have a Prenium version
Thank you

German Michael Zülsdorff Replied 3 weeks ago

Of course, there is:
Restore the database from your latest backup
or ... if you don't have a backup ...
Re-install Ossn.