?action=install HTTP500 database installing error

Thomas Nikidiotis Posted in General Discussion 2 weeks ago

?action=install HTTP500 error i tried to fix it with some solutions but nothing happend. I installed mcrypt and curl and openssl

German Michael Z├╝lsdorff Replied 2 weeks ago

You should have a look into your server log files to get an idea what's going wrong.
See https://www.opensource-socialnetwork.org/wiki/view/1101/how-to-report-a-bug-error-issue
Case A

us Caleb Henry Replied 2 weeks ago

I"m having the same issue with PHP 8.1 and a user has been created for my db. would love to get past this hurdle.

Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 2 weeks ago

Make sure you added user to the database.

Yes there is this error that need be handled due to PHP 8 it is throwing 500 error instead of actual error message. Which need to be addressed please make sure you added database to the user you created for database.