Greenbygreen theme like buttons of screen on mobile

Graham ridge Posted in Theme Development 2 months ago

The like button is off the screen on my smartphone, samsung A52 5G

Catalan Graham ridge Replied 2 months ago

Worked like a dream!....Thank You Michael!

German Michael Z├╝lsdorff Replied 2 months ago

Thanks for reporting, Graham.
This issue is not theme related, it's caused by the OssnLikes component. Quick fix:

  • disable Ossn cache
  • open components/OssnLikes/plugins/default/css/likes.php with a simple text editor like Notepad
  • change the -100px on line 1134 to something more suitable (e.g. -40px)
  • save and enable cache again

Then in general: If you think you've found an issue related to a 3rd party component or theme you'd better address it in the component/theme thread, because the developer would receive an email notification automatically.

Catalan Graham ridge Replied 2 months ago

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