Registration by Invitation - Blocking "Accept Terms of Service" and Users Can't Sign Up

Tom Raycove Posted in Technical Support 2 months ago

I am using the Registration by Invitation plugin on my site. When an invited user goes to the sign up page, they are not able to finish the sign up.

They are able to complete all requested/required fields of the registration form, but when they click the sign-up button they are informed they must Accept Terms of Service to complete the sign up.

There is no method available for the user to accept the terms of service. There is no checkbox or any other mechanism for acceptance.

As such, users are not able to sign up to the site.

Has anyone else run into this problem, and if so how did you solve it?

The plugin is from the and they do not have any contact information.

Thank you very much in advance.

German Michael Z├╝lsdorff Replied 2 months ago

would you please name your site and the version of Registration by Invitation in use.


in Willium james Replied 2 months ago

I am also encountering this issue.

us Tom Raycove Replied 2 months ago

I have contacted the developer directly on the com-z site. I did not know that I was able to post comments via the plugin's page on the site.
For those who run into a similar issue ... the process is easy. Log in to the com-z site, navigate to the plugin, and then post a comment. :-)
Thank you everyone and a big thanks to Arsalan for letting me know.