Editing Titles to better inform members

Mick Dawlings Posted in Technical Support 2 months ago


In the premium version, is there a way to edit titles on the site without making file edit changes that would not survive updates.

For example, in the 'Add video' title, we should tell users there is a maximum file and time limit.
Add video - File uploads limited to one minute and 100MB.
Something along those lines.

Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 2 months ago

Answered in other thread you need to edit language files and flush cache

us Mick Dawlings Replied 2 months ago

I might as well ask at the same time :).

Is there a way to change the order of Links for example so that a custom page could be at the top?
Is there a way to rename items? For example, I'd like to change 'Business Page' to 'Pages'.

us Mick Dawlings Replied 2 months ago

I tried editing the above and the site said I could not edit this anymore. It didn't offer me a cancel option.
As admin, I would like to set that time allowed to edit if any at all.

I was going to ask one more thing related to my first post which is, I don't see any way of picking who gets to see any video I upload, public, friends, myself only perhaps.