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Evert Andersson Posted in Technical Support 2 years ago

hi there everyone! i have a little problem with the ossnembed module.
links in general work to post at the wall, but when i post google/youtube video i only get an blank post. see my added screenshot!

any solutions?


running ossn 2.3 with ossnembed enabled and not altered!

gb John Hoban Replied 9 months ago
.ossn-wall-item-type {
display: inline-block;

.ossn-wall-item p,
.ossn-wall-item .friends {

is what it has now ..

gb John Hoban Replied 9 months ago

@ Zet Man

vielen dank :)

German Zet Man Replied 9 months ago

A fix has been applied already and will be available with the next update.

gb John Hoban Replied 9 months ago

make a copy of the goblue theme first and play with that ....

gb John Hoban Replied 9 months ago

I know that this is old, but the problem is that the video embed is in the

of the .ossn-wall-item .post-contents.
line 309 of /your-theme/plugins/default/css/core/default.php ... really css, not php

change to this

.ossn-wall-item .post-contents p {
/** Incorrect Hyphenation in the theme GoBlue 3.0 #824 **/
word-break: break-word;
text-align: justify;
display: block;
width: 100%;

that will fill the post-contents class with the


I just did it now, and haven't yet tested fully, only became aware of ossn yesterday, but it looks good.

Evert Andersson Replied 2 years ago

No one? :(