GDPR Information - Users should be able to download their information held by the socia network

Michael Prasad Posted in Component Development 4 months ago

Hello All

I'm just wondering if anyone has managed to create or has a configuration that will allow social network users to download their information stored on the social network. GDPR is a new regulation introduced by the European Union aiming to create more consistent protection of consumer and personal data across EU nations. Some of the key privacy and data protection requirements of the GDPR include: Requiring the consent of subjects for data processing.

At any time users should be able to download any information they have shared or the social network is using based on their profile.

Has anyone on here managed to implement this?

Thank you

Interlingue Michael Prasad Replied 4 months ago

Thank you Arsalan, this is very helpful :-)

German Arsalan Shah Replied 4 months ago

However this didn't allow to download information and i believe to implement this , it require server level jobs that collect and save stuff at backend and notify user when it is ready!