How can I access the Easy Load component?

kalu uduma Posted in Technical Support 10 months ago

Please i am trying to install the Easy Load component, but is seems as the link is no longer working, can someone help me with the latest link if any?

German ~Z~ Man Replied 10 months ago

Pardon, could you please explain exactly what you did?

jm Darien Brown Replied 10 months ago

i just removed the preloader from my php code simple

ae Kalu uduma Replied 10 months ago

Thank you @Arsalan, This new update has really helped in fixing the issue. Is better now.

German Arsalan Shah Replied 10 months ago

@Bansh33, this is what we have done, simply including that js won't work and changing img tags in entire OSSN isn't that easy as some images are generated using js and some are ajax. The component that utilizes lazyload has been removed as its not easy to use it.

@Kalu, you should try

us Bansh33 - Replied 10 months ago

I'm unsure what exactly is meant by 'easy load' component, but if you just want to add a "lazy load" that should be pretty straight forward. what that does is it doesn't load images (that you specify) until they are in the viewport (i.e. actually being viewed). you can read more here: - all you really have to do is include a javascript file and change your img tags a little bit.

ae Kalu uduma Replied 10 months ago

Yeah, Though i don't really understand what you meant by pre-loader. though most times when the site load, images will disappear like something is not compatiable until i get to refresh the page many times time.

Please help.

German Arsalan Shah Replied 10 months ago

I believe that pre-loader is making confusion among users and they believe their website is slow, actually it works like when all stuff is loaded like images it disappear but some users want to see stuff on website and doesn't care about image. I'll be looking into pre-loader soon. Maybe removing it.