Open Source Social Network v5.2 LTS has been released

Arsalan Shah Posted in Component Development 6 months ago

Open Source Social Network v5.2 LTS has been released

  • Several fixes for handling of cover images #1488
  • Added general support for dragging images #1489
  • Add unique identifier for group cover repositioning #1490
  • Several fixes for group cover repositioning #1491
  • Add unique identifier for profile cover repositioning #1492
  • Several fixes for profile cover repositioning #1493
  • if not algo specified when user edit md5 is used #1503
  • Deleting user didn't delete users wall posts if wall poster_guid is not same user as deleted #1505
  • Don't lose searchstrings containing utf-8 chars #1496
  • Post on edit not returning JSON type callback #1506
  • ossnstringencryptkeycycled should not generate more than 56 bytes #1508
  • Allow to use wheres clause in searchNotification #1510
  • Notification for tagging friend in wall isn't working #1511
  • added option to display explicit time to ossnuserfriendly_time #1517
  • Fixed the cirtical bug #1521 (discoverd by Tuomas Venhola in the infosec world, thanks to him!).
  • OSSN GROUPS Component: group cover image on mobiles/tablets is not responsive #1520
  • Make cover minimum width to container width #1523
  • Broken messages view layout #1518
  • OssnMessages->deleteUser() leaves orphan entity records #1516
  • Optimize Pre-loader
  • UI improvements #1524
  • Add animation for uploading group/profile cover. #1527
  • Reactions has been added to posts and comments.
  • Uploading new group cover, it keeps the old cover file only. #1528
  • Notification sent to wrong User #1530 [Thanks to Johannes for helping to debug the issue]
  • Added new hook 'notification:participants' #1531
  • Added 2 hooks to prevent creation of participants notification records #1532
  • Added 2 hooks to change a quality of image saved/created 'ossn', 'image:save:quality' and ossn', 'image:resize:quality'
  • Added style 'for newsfeed-middle-top' div #1535
  • Display right sidebar content above newsfeed on mobile devices #1534
  • Provide indentical style for all submenu items of left sidebar #1533
  • Added Greek language thanks to Rafail (
  • Added 'Close notification windows by clicking anywhere' strings #15xx
  • Added Esperanto language, thanks to Johannes Genberg (
  • Decreased size of emojiis in selector box #1614
  • Added right extra margin to rightmost chat window #1615
  • Add a way of dynamic gender reporting in admin dashboard thanks to Shylo Hana for providing enhancement (
  • Make saved drag position available for scaling calculation #1617
  • Improved scaling of group / profile cover images on mobile devices #1619
  • Don't display cover images before scale/dragposition is known #1618
  • Force newly uploaded cover images to 'display:inline' #1621
  • Use same cover uploading animation as with profile cover #1622
  • Fix double-backslash display error after editing #1627

    • Special Thanks to Z-Man for v5.2 release as he fixed 90% of issues!

(LTS releases of OSSN mostly last for 6 months)

Afrikaans Anthony Dawson Replied 4 months ago

Won't install with the error:
"All fields are required! "
All fields have been inputted.

us Bryce alvord Replied 6 months ago

Hey Arsalan, can you describe this bullet point more and it's implementation/usage?

Added 2 hooks to change a quality of image saved/created 'ossn', 'image:save:quality' and ossn', 'image:resize:quality'

gb SzSocial Media Replied 6 months ago

Thank you for your work guys! Also Happy new year to all! Will update all my OSSN sites tomorrow looking forward to it!

German Arsalan Shah Replied 6 months ago

@Rafail, aprox 1-2 weeks.

gr Rafail Stratiotis Replied 6 months ago

when will 5.2 be available for premium?

gr Rafail Stratiotis Replied 6 months ago

Nice Arsalan !

The version 5.2 been updated to premium?