Refresh after posting a message ossn

loic gerlain Posted in Beginning Developers 2 months ago


what is the solution please for I have got a refresh's page after any post / comments / new activity ?

I ' don't know, help me please thanks a lot.


us Bansh33 - Replied 2 weeks ago

you can refresh the newsfeed page every so often by adding some javascript to the HTMLSideBar component or the Homelancer CSS/JS component:

German ~Z~ Man Replied 2 months ago

Hello Loic,
posts and comments DO refresh automatically by default. If they don't at your site, please follow the guide on how to report a bug

French Loic gerlain Replied 2 months ago


I would like to know how I do it in code and where to be able to automatically refresh the page of a member when this one posts a comment / a new publication / adds a photo.

Thank you

in Ranjan Rai Replied 2 months ago

Dear Loic,
Your Question is not clear, you can take the help of google translate in order to paraphrase your question, so that any body can help you with your problem.