Don't want my posts on the wall

Fikri Sami Posted in Technical Support 2 months ago

Anything I post in my profile page also appears on the wall.
I do not want that.
What I publish on my profile should be on my profile page only.
If I want to publish on the wall, then I go publish there.
Is there a way to fix this?

us Roman Lohov Replied 2 months ago

Fikri Sami
We get what you trying to do. What we don't get is why you choose Social Platform and trying to apply Private settings. Once again, social is public.

No idea is a bad idea, but this time you dodged a bullet bro. :) Don't try to make cat out of the dog. And there is no bashing on people over here. Any body posting any ideas or solution should be prepared to hear every side, whether its good or bad. That's just how developing communities works.

German Arsalan Shah Replied 2 months ago

Dear this is not possible with current implementation of OssnWall unless you create new OssnWall. It will require most of complex stuff.

ch Fikri Sami Replied 2 months ago

Fair enough.
Thank you everyone.
Just close the case please.
I'm done.

German ~Z~ Man Replied 2 months ago

Again: Since the basic idea of a community is sharing things, Ossn has been developed to achieve right that.
Entering the site will lead you to the main wall, allowing you to easily see a summary of the latest actions of any member at first sight. And if you're interested in a more detailed view of an individual member you may proceed to his profile page.
Any other workflow would reduce the usability and comfort of your site massively - the more your community grows. Or do you really want your members to traverse hundreds of profile pages - just in hope there might be something new?
What you're asking for is kind of a personal notebook which actually hasn't much in common with what we call a "newsfeed" anymore. And the only solution I can currently suggest is: Use the Bio component and put your stuff in there. This way it'll be kept apart from the walls and it'll be only visible on your profile page.

ch Fikri Sami Replied 2 months ago

Dear Roman
Before asking me to understand your point, try to understand mine.
There is no connection between my uploading past facebook posts to my album here, with the point I am raising here.
Even if I post on the wall for public, the same post is replicated on my profile.
Does this make sense? No it doesn't.
There is a difference between sharing my post and imposing my post on everybody to read.
As I mentioned before, as you see in facebook there is a "follow" function. THAT makes sense.

Choosing between Public or Friends is a totally different story. When I publish on my profile as public, then anybody who looks in my profile anytime they choose to look, they will see what I wrote as public. It does not have to be imposed on everybody on the wall.

Regarding the Album problem: The reason I am creating this site was that I am having issues on freedom of speech in arabic facebook, so I created an alternative and wanted to bring my past posts over to the new site. Again- not to impose them on everybody to read, but whoever chooses, be it my friend or not, and at the time they decide.

I hope it is clear now. Profile posting should not replicate on the wall -- and inversely wall posting should not replicate on my profile, unless I intentionally choose that explicitely.

Thank you
Best regards

us Roman Lohov Replied 2 months ago

Fikri Sami
You have to understand our point of view here. No offence. First you wanted to upload 120 pictures from facebook (that probably expose your whole life) WITH ability for users to comment on those 120 pics, I repeat, 120 pics from Facebook. Now you afraid someone might see you change your small picture once a year? You following the logic?

By the way, Roman: If I delete it from the wall it is also deleted
from my profile

Yes, But why do you needed than? If you don't want people to see you changed your picture, than why do you need to see it? You know you changed it.

This idea is beyond my understanding of people.

us Roman Lohov Replied 2 months ago

My profile page is for friends AND followers who are interested in my
writings to check from time to time. Fair enough?

Are you guys for real? Is this fair enough? No seriously?enter image description here

ch Fikri Sami Replied 2 months ago

Theyador Leeper

The easy way Mr Sami is this.
To prevent photo going to wall.
edit the file..' components/OssnProfile/actions/photo/upload.php
comment (//) out line 38

Is there a similar way to prevent profile posts from replicating on the wall?
Thanks again very much

ch Fikri Sami Replied 2 months ago

Just please take it easy.
There is something called "follow". Si when I write something on my profile page, those who are following me will be informed and can come see it. Why should it be imposed on everybody? I can write it on the wall if I want everybody to see it.
By the way, Roman: If I delete it from the wall it is also deleted from my profile.
To sum up: Publishing on the wall should be optional. My profile page is for friends AND followers who are interested in my writings to check from time to time.
Fair enough?
Thank you all for your care, and thank you Theyador Leeper for defending my point and for your suggestion. I will implement it with pleasure.

us Roman Lohov Replied 2 months ago

Theyador Leeper
No body is bashing anybody in here. Your solution doesn't make his "Posts" private tho. It also prevent Every single user from displaying their profile and cover updates in the news. Without even giving them an option.

When you update Cover or profile pic, you can just delete that post. Just hit the red link. Done!

Look here:
so·cial net·work
noun: social network; plural noun: social networks

a dedicated website or other application which enables users to communicate with each other by posting information, comments, messages, images, etc.

Am I missing something? is this OSPN? Private network? You don't invite people to a party, so every one can sit in their own room.

He can use groups as personal private blog easy.

Changes to ones personal profile picture for instance should not
necessarily be blasted onto the news feed wall.. My profile picture is
not news..

Some people change profile picture exactly for that reason, so people can see it and comment(socializing). People will see your pictures regardless. What's the point of even creating Social Site?