Have users finding each others by matching tags?

Pär Henriksson Posted in Component Development 1 month ago

I want to build a community where users find each other by matching tags. Yeah I hear you, like a datingsite, yeah but I want to have it leaning more towards a social network. So my question is if anyone made that already?

se Pär Henriksson Replied 1 month ago

Z-man, that might work for part of what I need, although the codebase looks easy enough to extend so I might do it myself.

German ~Z~ Man Replied 1 month ago

I remember that I added a 'content search' feature to the Bio component time ago.

So, if my bio reads like: long grey hair, brown eyes, there's a good chance to find my profile by entering any of these terms.
But as already said it's a pure content search, so it isn't able to handle expressions like 'age > 25 < 45'

Maybe Softlab24.com will add something like that to their Custom-User-Fields component some day ...

se Pär Henriksson Replied 1 month ago

It's nice too see that you guys know eachother here.

Yeah Arslan, I was thinking that I'd like to have tags on users that can be used to find other users by, like a dating site I guess.

German Arsalan Shah Replied 1 month ago

What do you mean by matching tag? Provide an example.

@Hamza please stop spamming :)

se Pär Henriksson Replied 1 month ago

Thanks for the straight answer!

pk Hamza khan Replied 1 month ago