Open Source Social Network v5.3 LTS has been released

Arsalan Shah Posted in General Discussion 1 month ago


  • [B] notification, add callback isn't working #1634 (already patched Ossn v5.2 LTS).
  • [E] adaption to enhanced upload function #1641
  • [E] enhanced upload function #1640
  • [E] added error messages for component upload #1642
  • [B] Like deleted callback triggered even if there is no likes #1643
  • [B] No callback triggered for OssnComments::commentsDeleteAll #1644
  • [B] comment is added if the post/entity has been deleted already #1645
  • [E] make the label arg assigned to any label of user/field #1646
  • [B] display ads on pages with offset > 1
  • [B] Dynamic genders select busting the memory #1669
  • [B] PHP 7.4 pseudo_bytes throws warning | migration from bow-fish #1673 (already patched Ossn v5.2 LTS).
  • [B] Entities add results in wrong last_id #1668
  • [E] Stop UserA to send messages to UserB if he blocked UserB #1676
  • [B] wrong 3rd parm in ossn.lib.route line 93 #1649
  • [B] 2 typos fixed in setLogin() #1678
  • [B] suppress warning if site has no non_required fields #1672
  • [E] include locales of themes
  • [B] fix for issue triggered by RemoveGender component #1671
  • [B] added 'message was deleted' #1665
  • [E] prevent installation path from being cached #1664
  • [B] prevent submitting of wallpost when pressing Enter in location input
  • [B] AutoPagination didnt set any URL query to next request #1682
  • [B] prevent crash on deleting comment when Notifications are disabled
  • [B] getting orphan like records from comments when deleting a post #1687
  • [E] Disable OssnChat automatically if OssnMesssges are disabled
  • [E] remove "message" button on profile if OssnMessages are disabled
  • [B] Japanese language files including BOM #1684
  • [E] prevent comment-menu from disappearing if Likes are disabled #1691
  • [B] comments add and list guids mixed with object and entities guids #1693
  • [B] prevent changing of video urls from https to http #1695
  • [B] Wall:getPublicPosts shows wrong posts #1715
  • [E] include bootstrap css with TinyMCE init
  • [E] Allow to edit album name and privacy #1720
  • [E] Group wall post should show group privacy as wall privacy icon #1721
  • [E] Merge profile menu from GreenByGreen theme #1718
  • [E] add option to update relation #1692
  • [B] strangeness of class extending in input modules #1635
  • [E] callbacks for items before being deleted #1630
  • [E] Improve Error Reporting #1722
  • [E] improve OssnThemes->upload() #1694
  • [E] feature request for a more flexible theme handling #1623
  • [E] check availability of CURL before checking mod_rewrite #1723
  • [E] Remove unsupported videos from embed #1724
  • [B] case insensitive emails and username issues during login or signup #1726
  • [B] Delete message button doesn't work if posted same time #1743
  • [E] Default profile picture #1647
  • [E] Add friends automatically when user joined using invitation email #1744
  • [E] Hide a success message when post is added #1745
  • [E] delete 'upload image' wall entries automatically if pic is deleted #1667
  • [B] Removed unnecessary high z-index from love and like emoji
  • [E] Improve Site Settings #1747
  • [E] Allow to override page handler existing pages #1746
  • [E] Add option to change logos from administrator panel #1748
  • [E] Add a callback for Group::sendRequest #1754
  • [E] improve installer to check accessability of directories #1749
  • [B] don't display a tab of a friend who deleted his account
  • [E] allow exact addressing of edited post nodes #1764
  • [E] allow exact addressing of edited comment nodes #1765
  • [E] pass comment guid to embed action #1766
  • [E] make all-comments link work #1772
  • [E] adapt requirements table to components #1779
  • [B] stop like emojis from overlapping topbar #1778
  • [E] adapt requirements table to component requirements table #1780
  • [E] Allow to delete a message entry from specific side #1801

Special Thanks to Zetman and all those who provided language packs!

The upgrade process will take time and make the upgrade only if you have fast connection.

us Aaron Kirk Replied 1 month ago

Upgraded to 5.4 and everything is back to normal. Thanks man!

German Arsalan Shah Replied 1 month ago

@Aron, please try to use the 5.4 release we have just published it today. Sorry for any inconvenience that 5.3 may have caused.

us Aaron Kirk Replied 1 month ago

enter image description here

German ~Z~ Man Replied 1 month ago

please provide the filename of the download archive.

us Aaron Kirk Replied 1 month ago

After the upgrade, I can no longer post anything. I can leave comments but new posts don't show up.